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  Benefits to TV Mounting:

• Place TV In Perfect Viewing Position
• Frees Up Counters, Floors, Table Or Desk Space
• View TV From Different Angles
• Safety Precaution– Won’t Tip Over
• Eliminates Scratching And Damage To Furniture
• Provides A Broad Range Of Motion
• Sleek Design Adds Contemporary Style
• Hides Wiring For A Clean, Clutter-Free Look
• Designed To Complement The Look Of Today’s Style
• Out of Reach of Curious Toddler’s

Reasons to Hire a Professional Television Installer

For anyone trying to decide whether to pay to have a television mount and brackets installed by a professional, there are a few points to consider before making a final decision. Experience and comfort level when it comes to home improvement projects is one big consideration, as is the amount of time available to dedicate to projects. The type of installation and other considerations, such as the size of the television and the location of the installation, may also dictate whether to hire a professional to do the job.

A Lack of Tools or Handyman Skills

Anyone who finds it challenging to hang a picture on a wall will certainly want to consider hiring a professional to install television mounts and brackets. Those lacking the proper tools, including a power drill, a stud finder, screwdrivers, and a level, will need to hire a professional unless they are willing to invest in these necessities in order to properly complete the installation.

Short on Time

Consumers who work long hours or travel frequently may also want to consider hiring a professional, as their time can be precious and they may not want to spend it on tedious and challenging home projects. Households with small children may also find it easier and less stressful to pay for installation rather than trying to accomplish the task with little ones underfoot.

Installation May Be Complicated

Most professionals who install video equipment are generally able to handle the more complex installations as well the simple ones. If a customer wants their television installed in an area that does not have an electrical outlet nearby, many companies employ licensed electricians and will install a new outlet for an extra charge. Running wires inside a wall or adding other components, such as sound systems, further complicates installation and may make it a wise choice to pay an experienced professional to do the job.

Televisions Are Heavy

Despite being slimmer and lighter than ever before, TVs with screen sizes of over 27 inches can still be heavy and cumbersome. Lifting these televisions to install them on a wall or ceiling mount can be difficult to nearly impossible, especially if someone is trying to do it without help. Hiring a professional to install the television will ensure that there is enough manpower to lift even the heaviest TV, and that it is mounted safely and securely.

Expert Advice

Depending on the layout of a room and the furniture, it may be challenging for a consumer to decide on the best area for placement of a television. Professional video and audio installers have the experience and training to help customers choose an appropriate place for the television that will enhance viewing while blending in with the other decor in the room.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional

The decision to hire a professional to install a television mount and brackets can be a costly one, and therefore, consumers may want to carefully consider the pros and cons of professional installation before making this financial commitment. It is important to consider what can go wrong along with the benefits of using a professional to mount that television. From added costs to customized installation options, consider these points while finalizing this decision.


The benefits of paying for professional installation of television mounts and brackets include the ones previously mentioned. Save time and avoid hassles, and get peace of mind knowing the job was done safely and correctly.

Save Time and Avoid Hassles

Hiring a professional saves consumers the stress and hassle that often comes with home improvement projects. Professional installers have the necessary training and experience to do the job quickly and efficiently. They should arrive with all the necessary tools, hardware, and accessories on hand to complete the job.

Protection for Expensive Electronics

Even entry-level flat screen televisions are expensive pieces of electronic equipment, and consumers may want to consider the risk involved in do-it-yourself installations when deciding whether to hire a professional to handle the installation. An improperly mounted bracket or a poorly secured television can result in a seriously damaged television set. If a TV comes crashing to the floor after a home installation, warranties most likely will not cover the damage. However, if the television was professionally installed, then there is a good chance that either the company performing the installation or the consumer’s insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Get Experience and Expertise

There is more to installing a TV mount and brackets than just placing a few screws. Professional installers take into account the condition of the wall or ceiling, the best type of mount for the viewing area, and the number and types of other components in the theater system before installing a mount. Not only will a professional installation technician mount the TV and wire all the video components, he will also run cable through the walls if desired and can even install extra electrical outlets if necessary. Other services included with most installations are programming and calibration of the entertainment system, as well as user training.


Paying for a professional to install television mounts and brackets has some drawbacks. Both the added expense and the risk of getting a less-than-reputable technician can be concerns for many consumers. Scheduling the appointment can also be challenging and may deter consumers who would otherwise be happy to leave the job to a professional.

Professionals Can Be Costly

New televisions cost a fair amount of money, and hiring a professional to install a mount and brackets for a television will add another sizable sum to that amount. Consumers will need to factor this additional cost, which can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on the type and complexity of the installation. For some, professional installation may be cost-prohibitive. Other options are to attempt a do-it-yourself installation, or to simply keep the television set on a table or entertainment center, either as a permanent solution, or until the expense of hiring someone to install the mount becomes financially feasible.

Not All Installers Are Created Equal

As with any home improvement project, care should be taken when hiring a contractor to perform the job. Shop around and ask questions. Be sure the installer is licensed and bonded, and check his references and customer service records. Get everything in writing, including warranties, service plans, and payment. It is better to be proactive than to be surprised by a huge bill or poor workmanship.

Scheduling Can Be a Challenge

Professional installers, and especially those with great customer service reputations, are often in high demand. Consumers should be prepared to wait up to a few weeks for an appointment, depending on their own schedules and the availability of the installation professional. Those hoping to have a job done immediately may end up doing it themselves or finding a temporary alternative until an appointment can be scheduled.

1.Will your mounts fit my TV?

a.All our mounts are designed to universally fit all TVs regardless of make or model. However please pay special attention to models such as FSMLCD981s, FSMLCD981a, FSMLCD982a, FSMLCD901a, and LCD901. These models have fixed TV plates and require that your TVs to have mounting holes with VESA measurements as posted in each model.

2.What is VESA?

a.VESA is a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Most manufacturers comply with this standard by adhering to an industry wide “hole pattern” on the back of their displays for mounting purposes. A VESA hole pattern is measured in both horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes. For example, VESA 75 x 75 means your TV mounting holes are 75mm apart horizontally and 75mm apart vertically

3.How do I measure my TV’s VESA standard?

a.Look for the 4 mounting holes on the back of your flat screen television. Take both a horizontal and vertical measurement (in mm). This is your VESA Standard. For help, see the diagrams below:

Types of Television Mounts

Consumers interested in mounting a television on a wall or hanging one from a ceiling may want to familiarize themselves with the different types of mounts available. The chart below lists the most common types of mounts, along with a brief description and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Type of Mount
Advantages and Disadvantages
Flat Mount

These mounts, also called flat or flush mounts, secure a TV flat against a wall and offer no range of motion. Great for large TVs over 32 inches, or plasma TVs with wide viewing angles.

These inexpensive mounts require minimal space, with as little as one inch between the TV and the wall. Inputs and wires cannot be accessed unless the TV is removed from the mount.

Tilt Mount

Tilt mounts allow the vertical viewing angle to be adjusted up or down by 15 to 20 degrees. Great for installations above eye level.

Easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Inputs can be accessed more easily than with flat mounts. Adjustment is limited, as the tilt feature does not allow side-to-side adjustments.

Cantilever Mount or Tilt and Swivel Mount

Also called articulating or full-motion mounts, these mounts allow both side-to-side and up-down adjustments. These mounts are good choices for large rooms with multiple TV viewing locations.

Cantilever arms can be extended out from a wall, allowing easy viewing from almost any angle. Articulating mounts are considerably more expensive than other mounts and are more difficult to install.

Ceiling Mount

Mounts that attach to the ceiling feature a mounting plate that attaches to the TV on the end of a hanging pole. Most of these offer side-to-side adjustment.

Ceiling mounts work well when it is not feasible to hang a TV from a wall. With ceiling mounts, it can be challenging to discreetly hide wiring if this is an issue for the consumer.

Knowing the features and advantages of the different types of television mounts will help when choosing which type of mount to purchase.

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