So you got yourself a brand-new TV. What’s the first thing you need to do? That’s right—you need to mount that baby. Sure, you can always put it on your table or cabinet. Wall mounting, however, is the best way to set up that TV. That’s because wall-mounting offers the best viewing angles regardless of room size. In addition, it allows for the optimal use of space regardless of the setting.

Mounting a TV on the wall, however, is not quite as simple as it sounds. There is plenty you need to take into consideration before starting. For example, some mounting configurations can be tricky to figure out. And unforeseen issues can arise even after you’re done with the wall mount job.

Make sure it’s really level

You’ve already drilled the holes in the wall (are you even allowed to?) and screwed the TV on. Then you walk over to the couch to check your handiwork. It takes a couple of seconds to hit you. Heads up—your TV is crooked. If you don’t fix it, you risk ruining every single viewing experience.

Of course, it’s not the end of the world for you, even when this happens. There are workarounds and solutions you can do to remedy the situation. Things like adjustable mounts are really useful in this kind of scenario. But it’s going to take time and money to fix your mistake.

Cable Management

When you set up your new TV, chances are you’re not just setting it up alone. You’ll be connecting a bunch of gear to it. Audio equipment, multimedia players, video game consoles—you name it. Once everything is hooked up to your TV, all the wires and connecting cables can end up being quite a mess. Tangled cables don’t look good, and they can pose a safety hazard.

That’s why cable management is an art form in itself. People have gone to great lengths to keep cables neatly tucked away. They use compartments in the walls, nooks under furniture, specialized brackets, and other implements.

Brackets coming loose or falling off

Even if you feel happy that you’ve mounted the TV properly, things can still go wrong over time. The threads on the screws can wear out, or the wall mounts might not be durable enough. Perhaps the wall itself might not be sturdy enough to hold the brackets in place.

When the wall mounts fail, your television could end up being an expensive casualty. While most sets come with a manufacturer’s warranty, this kind of damage might not be covered. Make sure you protect your investment by not sparing any detail before you mount the TV on the wall.

Smart TV sales are projected to grow at around 16.5% compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2025. These TVs don’t come cheap, so keeping them secured on your wall is of utmost importance.

If you have any doubts about your TV mounting and installation skills, don’t fret. There are full-service professionals who can help you out. They will assist you, from assessment of the space, to secure mounting and installation. They’ll even do the cable management for you and clean up any mess after it’s done! Maybe that’s the way to go.